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The following Notre Dame Law students received fellowships from Equal Justice America beginning in 2016. These fellowships are made possible by contributions from Notre Dame law alumni. We look forward to putting many Notre Dame law students to work providing vitally needed legal assistance to the poor. We need your help!

(Equal Justice America is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation unaffiliated with any law school.)

Summer 2017

  • Dave Ballard worked at Pisgah Legal Services in Asheville, NC.
  • Adrian Bottomley worked at Indiana Legal Services in South Bend.
  • James Cheney worked at Bay Area Legal Aid in San Francisco.
  • Bill Green worked at Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing in Chicago.
  • Aaron Harmaty worked at Greater Boston Legal Services.
  • Jessica Skocik worked at Community Activism Law Alliance in Chicago.

Summer 2016

  • Stevie Friesth worked at Latino Memphis.
  • Andres Martinez worked at the Colorado Legal Services.
  • Kate Rochat worked at Columbia Legal Services in Seattle.