What They’re Saying About Equal Justice America...

“There is always a need for Virginia law students who can help reduce the legal services gap for the poor and disadvantaged. By supporting Equal Justice America, Virginians provide opportunities for future lawyers to be exposed to public interest law and to serve our most vulnerable citizens. Many students will launch careers in public interest law and become more aware of their obligation to assist those in need. I congratulate Equal Justice America on their past achievements and offer best wishes in the new initiative to address legal needs in the Commonwealth of Virginia."

Timothy M. Kaine
U.S. Senator, Virginia

“EJA supports legal services for those in need by raising funds for fellowships that expose law students to the challenges and rewards of legal services work. Through EJA fellowships, law students learn by example, gaining real world experience by helping actual clients and learning basic public interest lawyering skills. Even small donations can inspire budding lawyers to devote years - and in some cases, careers - to serving the needy and the public interest.”

Harold Hongju Koh

Legal Advisor

U.S. State Department

“It would be impossible to quantify the increase in the number of people who have averted evicition, foreclosure, revocation of food stamp, medical, disability and other benefits, escaped from abusive homes, fought back against discrimination, and accessed programs providing HIV/Aids assistance and other life saving help, solely because we had the resources provided by our EJA interns. So it is on their behalf, as well as on the behalf of Brooklyn "A", that I express our enduring gratitude for your past and present support, and thank you in advance for EJA's future support."

Richard J. Wagner
Director of Litigation

Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A

“I would like to offer Howard Law School's enthusiastic support to Equal Justice America and to its Washington, D.C. for Equal Justice Campaign. The goals of Equal Justice America's programs are consistent with the mission of our law school. With the launching of the Washington, D.C. for Equal Justice Campaign, we look forward to a long successful partnership with Equal Justice America to advance the cause of equal justice and to meet the legal needs of the poor in our city."

Kurt L. Schmoke

Howard University School of Law

“Equal Justice America provides important financial support to law students who are committed to social justice and serving the civil legal needs of low-income persons and families in the District of Columbia. With more than 110,000 - nearly one in five - District residents living below the federal poverty line, it is essential that we expand opportunities to attract students to careers in public interest law."

Jonathan Smith
Executive Director

Legal Aid Society of D.C.

“On behalf of the University of Richmond School of Law, I am pleased to offer our Law School's support for the mission of Equal Justice America, an organization dedicated to facilitating the delivery of legal services to indigent persons in need of legal assistance and access to our system of justice."

Rodney Smolla

University of Richmond School of Law

“Lawyers must assist this program by donating funds so that it can continue and grow. One of the highest goals of our justice system is to insure proper representation of all persons who appear before the courts. Equal Justice America is fighting to achieve this worthy objective.  It needs and deserves your support."

Peter H. Meyers
Professor of Clinical Law

The George Washington School of Law

“How about all lawyers, particularly if you aren’t doing your share of pro bono work, send a check to…[Equal Justice America.]”

Nancy Q. Keefe
Gannett Newspapers

“On behalf of the staff Board and most importantly the clients of Public Counsel, I wanted to congratulate Equal Justice America on its 10th Anniversary and thank you for all you have done to advance equal justice in our community. We are grateful for your support and proud of our collaboration.”

Dan Grunfeld
Public Counsel
Los Angeles, CA

“I am writing to salute Equal Justice America on its tenth anniversary. We at CLS—and even more so our clients—have benefited greatly from EJA’s support. Through the years EJA has provided tens of thousands of dollars in support of our summer and school year internship programs. Without EJA, our law student internship program would be far smaller. One of the wonderful things about legal services work is the presence of young idealistic spirited, highly skilled law students. By making it possible for students to work with us, EJA has helped keep our advocacy fresh and impassioned.”

Catherine C. Carr
Executive Director
Community Legal Services
Philadelphia, PA

“Please accept our warm and hearty congratulations as you celebrate the tenth anniversary of your wonderful organization. We at the Chicago Legal Clinic have very much appreciated your support for the dozens of internships you have funded. Some of the best and brightest of the nation’s law students have been able to receive substantial funding for fellowships to work as interns in our offices. Some of these students have impressed us so much that they later have become staff attorneys in our organization. Other students have gone on to make substantial contributions to the public interest through other organizations. We are really grateful for our relationship with Equal Justice America and wish you even greater success in the coming years.”

Gerald Nordgren
Director of Legal Services
Chicago Legal Clinic

“The support of Equal Justice America has helped us do even more to protect women from domestic violence and put the weight of our judicial system fully behind those who have been victimized. I know that Equal Justice America has a growing reputation for assisting organizations all over the country which provide legal services to the poor, including many groups which devote much of their efforts to protecting battered and abused women and children. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Equal Justice America ”

Victoria L. Lutz
Director, Battered Women’s Justice Center
Pace University School of Law

“There is nothing more vital than providing desperately needed legal advice to the millions of low income Americans who are forced to fend for themselves in the complex tangle of our civil justice system. Best wishes for success as Equal Justice America grows and prospers.”

Mario M. Cuomo
Former Governor of New York

“I am writing to commend to your attention Equal Justice America (EJA). By providing grants for summer and school term work, EJA has become an outstanding resource for both law students and public interest legal organizations. As the recipient of an EJA summer grant to work at Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, I experienced first hand the benefits for a law student of being able to work for an organization providing legal services to low income clients: close client contact, significant courtroom exposure, the opportunity to draft a variety of documents, the chance to observe seasoned lawyers at their craft, and the ability to use the skills already developed in the classroom in a way that can make a tremendous impact in people’s lives. The experience I had this summer was without peer. I learned a great deal about the profession of law, and my desire to work in the public interest sector after graduation was renewed and strengthened. Equal Justice America made all of that possible. I cannot recommend EJA strongly enough. I encourage you to take note of them, spread word of them and support them in any way you can.”

David C. Lund
Columbia Law School
Class of 1997

“Being awarded an EJA fellowship changed the course of my summer and in some ways, my life. My fellowship gave me the opportunity to explore public interest work, and my job this summer has brought all my abstract ideas about public interest into focus. I also appreciate my exposure to the public sector without the constraint of debt. I am grateful to Equal Justice America and the donors who make their fellowships possible.”

Kristy L. Nardone
Boston College Law School
Class of 1998

“I am writing to express the thanks of Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, Inc., to Equal Justice America for funding the summer internship of David Lund. David proved himself to be an extraordinary law clerk who was very highly regarded by all who worked with him. I would also like to thank Equal Justice America for the absence of red tape in their process. You did what you said you would do, and you required very little time from our office. This allowed the bulk of our involvement to be directed toward supervising David in the provision of direct service to our clients.”

Steven J. Wolfe
Law Work Manager
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

“I cannot overstate the significance to my experience this summer. I am continuing to work on the projects I worked on over the summer and intend to make every effort to do the same after graduation. Furthermore, the work gave me the opportunity to work one on one with a great many clients, an experience that has strengthened my commitment and enriched my understanding of the needs of the community I represent. I hope you will do what you can to support Equal Justice America, an organization that is facilitating the work of capable and dedicated law students who are providing much needed aid to neglected segments of society. NYU students should be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities that Equal Justice America offers.”

Jennifer Levy
New York University School of Law
Class of 1996

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the funding provided by Equal Justice America, enabling me to intern at MFY Legal Services for a semester at law school. Because Legal Services is often under-funded and understaffed, the attorneys at MFY were very appreciative of the services I was able to provide. My responsibilities included assisting with intake, attending hearings and trials, legal research and writing and filing motions in court. The majority of my time was spent performing these duties for the Landlord/Tenant Division, whose attorneys advocate against unlawful housing conditions and/or evictions. Because of the invaluable experience at MFY, I continued to intern there over the summer and began representing clients at both public benefits and New York City Housing Authority hearings. I strongly encourage other New York Law School students to take advantage of this opportunity provided by Equal Justice America to engage in public interest work.”

Kristin Volz
New York Law School
Class of 1996

“The work which past Equal Justice fellows has done has been fantastic and immeasurable for our clients. We truly are grateful for the work and fund-raising which Equal Justice America does. Our clients are very lucky to have your organization on their side.”

Liz Revilla Schoeneberger
Personnel Director
Greater Boston Legal Services

“This summer I had the opportunity to work with the Women Against Abuse Legal Center, and I am writing to tell you that I had a wonderful experience. During my internship at the Legal Center I provided information to and advocated on behalf of low-income victims of domestic violence. As part of Women Against Abuse’s court advocacy project, I assisted women, children and men who were seeking a court-ordered cessation of violence in their lives. My experience this summer confirmed that working with poor and poorly represented populations is what I want to do during my legal career. In addition, I would like to tell you how thankful I am that Equal Justice America was able to provide me with a stipend that helped to make my summer work feasible. I am both impressed and encouraged by Equal Justice America’s commitment to foster not only legal representation for everyone, but also law students’ pursuit of a public interest law career.”

Vivian Alford Kaeppel
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Class of 1997

“We deeply appreciate the assistance of Equal Justice America. Your funding enables us to stretch our limited resources to better represent our clients, for whom our summer interns provide valuable service. With significant new funding cuts on the horizon, additional funding sources are crucial if the motto of “Equal Justice For All” is to be more than an empty slogan. Please accept our thanks for your assistance in bringing that motto closer to a reality for our clients."

Peter D. Schneider
Chair, Summer Internship Committee
Community Legal Services, Inc

“My experience in the Housing Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services has been an extremely positive one and I wish to thank Equal Justice America for providing me with the financial opportunity to work here at GBLS. Over the course of the summer, I have has the privilege of working with some of the most dedicated people I have ever met. While here, I have worked primarily on eviction defense cases. In addition to learning the substantive and procedural law concerning landlord-tenant relations, the attorneys and staff in the Housing Unit have taught me how to be a professional. Whether dealing with a judge, opposing counsel, or client, they have always acted with a sense of dignity and courtesy, which I hope that I have acquired. Although at times the individual cases have been emotionally draining, I have enjoyed the opportunity to help clients remain in their homes and the satisfaction of having made a difference (hopefully) in their lives. Once again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for an enjoyable and rewarding summer.”

Jeff Siegel
Boston University School of Law
Class of 1998

“We are very grateful for the support Equal Justice has provided to us in the past and look forward to continuing to collaborate with you. We commend your efforts to support the legal needs of the District’s most needy residents.”

Joseph C. Zergerle
Executive Director
Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

“Thank you for funding my summer internship with the Chicago Legal Clinic. I worked in the clinic’s office in Roseland; a low-income neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. From a legal career standpoint, I can’t imagine a summer job that would have provided me with more time in court or more practical experience dealing directly with clients. Working in Roseland opened my eyes to a segment of our society and a part of Chicago that I always knew existed, but never had been exposed to so intensely. I have never seen so much pain and brokenness and suffering. I have never heard so many sad, heartbreaking stories. This summer I came to appreciate how much the services provided by the Chicago Legal Clinic are needed and I developed enormous respect for the dedication and skills of the clinic’s attorneys. Thanks again for the financial support that enabled me to be a part of this work for the summer and that solidified my interest in public service law after graduation.”

Patrick Jasperse
University of Chicago Law School
Class of 1999

“I write to thank you for funding Joshua Gray, who served as an intern here this summer. In short, Josh’s work was terrific. His research and writing enabled us to move two important projects from the “idea” stage to the point where a finished project is within sight. Josh did all the basic research and writing for a utility manual for low-income consumers, and also did all the federal law research necessary to allow us to file a complaint challenging the illegal practices of some federally subsidized landlords. Given our busy legal services practice, each of these projects might have languished for years had it not been for Josh’s concentrated energy and focus. Thank you again.”

Raun J. Rasmussen
Director, Housing Law Unit
Brooklyn Legal Services Corp. B

“I’d like to thank Equal Justice America for the fellowship which enabled me to work for the Legal Aid Society in Queens, NY. It was a great learning experience filled with many rewards. Due to financial constraints, this opportunity to work for Legal Aid would not have been possible had I not been selected for the award. The attorneys at Legal Aid were always easily accessible and were always willing to lend a helpful hand. Through the constant interaction, my lawyering skills greatly improved. The fellowship granted me an opportunity to explore public interest. The experience gave me the aspirations to pursue a career in the public sector. Thank you again.”

Fabio M. Gomez
Albany Law School
Class of 1999

“On behalf of Public Counsel Law Center, thank you for the opportunity to work with Equal Justice America. We support your organization’s goal of increasing the number of law students serving the needs of the disadvantaged and are committed to encouraging law students to integrate public interest work into the very earliest stages of their careers. Your program is even more critical in this day of welfare reform and its impact on economically disadvantaged communities. We at Public Counsel Law Center welcome your organization’s support and look forward to a mutually successful relationship.”

Alberto Mendoza
Volunteer Program Manager
Public Counsel Law Center
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for sponsoring my summer at Brooklyn Legal Services Corp. B. The tasks I performed were varied and challenging. The most difficult task I performed was my weekly rotation at the housing court information table where I advised pro se litigants. No experience more clearly demonstrates the great need for civil legal service advocates than trying to answer the many questions un-represented tenants ask as they work their way through an eviction proceeding unaware of the court’s practices and any defenses they might have. Equal Justice America presented me with a wonderful opportunity last summer. I hope other Columbia law students will be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Equal Justice America in future summers. Thanks again.”

Joshua Gray
Columbia University School of Law
Class of 1996

“On behalf of the Legal Services Center, I wanted to thank Equal Justice America for raising funds for Henry Ko’s summer internships at our office. Henry was a hard-working student advocate committed to providing high quality legal services to the low-income clients he represented. He has an engaging personality which was reflected in his relationships with his clients, staff and other students.”

Cheryl Burg Rusk
Associate Director
Legal Services Center, MA

“Because of Equal Justice America’s financial support, I was able to dedicate my entire summer to the pursuit of public interest law. At Bet Tzedek Legal Services, I became involved in a number of cases, and gained a degree of experience I never dreamed a single summer could provide. Besides assisting in intake and investigating potential cases, I helped to draft a class action complaint, represented a client at a Supplemental Security Income case, second chaired in the initial stages of an eviction trial, and researched numerous evidentiary and related issues. I was able to take a position where I learned not just how to apply the law to particular situations, but what it actually means to be a lawyer with the ability to make a difference in the lives of impoverished individuals and families.”

Benjamin G. Diehl
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Class of 1997

“I am pleased to convey the Youth Law Center’s support of Equal Justice America’s commendable program to increase the availability of legal services to the poor. Equal Justice America’s efforts to support law student’s participation in internships and clerkships are not only beneficial to the students and organizations involved, but also encourage students to consider careers in public interest law. In a society where so many low income individuals do not have full access to the law, this is an extremely worthy aim.”

Virginia Van Zandt
Director of Development
Youth Law Center
San Francisco, CA

“I just want to express my thanks to Equal Justice America for making my summer at the Chicago Legal Clinic possible. It has already been a very interesting and educational experience. Mr. Gerry Nordgren has already included me in client conferences, a post-decree divorce proceeding and an unemployment benefits evidentiary hearing. He has also allowed me to do a lot of the preparation for an upcoming jury trial. This is just the kind of experience I had been looking for. Thanks again for making it possible.

Heidi Hayes
University of Chicago
Class of 1999

“Thanks to Equal Justice America, we have three new student directors of the Yale Law School TRO Project. This project is one of the most successful student projects to come out of the law school and is a demonstration project for law schools and legal services programs throughout the country. It provides critical support to victims of domestic violence who come into the courthouse and attempt to file orders of protection on their own. This project is now considered a permanent part of the law school programming. Again, I cannot thank you and the Yale Law School alumni enough for supporting the work we do at legal services and recognizing our limited resources in such a constructive and positive way by funding law students to work with us. On behalf of the low-income community that we serve, many thanks.”

Patricia Kaplan
Executive Director
New Haven Legal Assistance Association

“I wanted to thank Equal Justice America for my 1998 Summer Fellowship. I had an invaluable clerkship with the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis – Housing Discrimination Law Project (HDLP). It was the most significant professional experience I have had thus far, and it is one that would not have been possible without my Equal Justice America Fellowship. I sincerely thank you for the wonderful opportunity. My summer clerkship was an invaluable experience because I received an enormous amount of “hands-on” work in a wide variety of cases. Not only did I work closely with all of the attorneys at HDLP, but I also had the opportunity to have several clients of my own, under the direction of my supervisor. Thank you again for the Equal Justice America Fellowship.”

Kate R. Huber
New York University Law School
Class of 1999

“I am writing to share some thoughts about my Summer Fellowship experience. My work at Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc. was a privilege for me. I was motivated to come to law school because of my interest in public policy, community development, and social services. After a long first year, NLS allowed me to reconnect with the person I am and the goals I have. The staff at NLS exposed me to administrative hearings regarding public benefits, Housing Court proceedings, and even community organization efforts to secure health services in the city of Lynn. It was truly a dynamic experience. I would like to thank you again for awarding me a 1998 Equal Justice America Summer Fellowship.”

Salvatore Tollis
Boston College Law School
Class of 1999

“Thank you very much for helping to support my summer internship with the Youth Law Center in San Francisco, CA. When I graduate from law school, I plan to work on behalf of disadvantaged children. I really appreciate the opportunity to have had such a tremendous hands on experience in the public interest area I intend to pursue.”

Shannon Hill
Columbia University School of Law
Class of 1996