A Message From Dan Ruben, Executive Director, on the Covid-19 Crisis

In News by Laura

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed huge gaps in our economic system, with millions of people left behind without adequate health care, paid sick leave, affordable housing, basic nutrition and other necessities.

Twenty million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last month. Many will face the threat of eviction, foreclosure or the inability to pay for utilities. Health care related debts are sure to rise. Immigrants will see greater obstacles acquiring representation. Expect an increase in aggressive fraud perpetrated against the elderly and vulnerable.

We at Equal Justice America recognize that this may not seem like an ideal time to ask for donations. The reality though is that our efforts putting law students and lawyers to work assisting legal aid programs across the country has never been more important. With so many facing new hardships, these organizations lack the resources to meet the overwhelming demands that will be placed upon them.

We are currently evaluating applications from so many bright and committed law students who hope to work this summer helping people in need. Our law student fellows bring extraordinary passion and conviction to their work. And in the current crisis, they are needed more than ever.

Please help us get these students funded. Please consider the necessity of legal aid work in this country and the law students, lawyers and staff who are willing to fight for the rights of those who cannot fight on their own.