EJA to Award two-year $130,000 Immigration Fellowship to Columbia Law Graduate at Ayuda!

EJA to Award two-year $130,000 Immigration Fellowship to Columbia Law Graduate at Ayuda!

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New Fellowship Starts in September 2021

“Ayuda is extremely grateful to Equal Justice America for funding a Fellow at Ayuda to expand our capacity to serve low-income immigrants. A Fellow allows us better meet the needs of the community both in the shorter term but also in the longer term as the Fellow develops the expertise and experience to continue providing quality legal services to immigrants even beyond their fellowship.”
–Paula Fitzgerald, Executive Director

“There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges for the immigrant community is finding and obtaining affordable representation. The lack of good representation across the country leads to many potential clients waiting for years on waiting lists, taking out credit to afford a private attorney, remaining locked up in detention centers, or facing off against the US government by themselves. This EJA Columbia Fellowship allows a Fellow to fill that gap while receiving comprehensive training. Not only will the partnership allow Ayuda to accept new clients but when the Fellow ends their fellowship they will be able to provide excellent services and train the next generation of immigration attorneys.”
–Victoria Maqueda, Supervising Attorney at Ayuda

Katherine Shank

“Hosting an EJA fellow makes such a difference to our team and to our clients. By supporting a young attorney starting out their legal career serving low-income immigrants, EJA is helping ensure that we close the access-to-justice gap, provide much-needed legal representation, and foster a passion for public service that will carry through the fellow’s career. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to both increase our ability to serve our prospective clients and to play a role in developing the superstar public interest lawyers of tomorrow!”
–Joshua Doherty, Managing Attorney, DC Immigration at Ayuda

“EJA Fellows make an immediate and lasting difference to Ayuda’s clients and our legal team. In turn, we hope that we help them take their first steps as legal services attorneys, providing training, mentorship and support so that they can thrive while providing our clients with the highest quality legal services. With EJA’s support, and the talent of our fellows, we are able to provide critical representation to so many low-income immigrants whom we could not otherwise serve due to capacity constraints. Now, more than ever, Ayuda is grateful for EJA’s support.”
–Laurie Ball Cooper, Legal Director at Ayuda

“My two-year EJA Fellowship at Ayuda went above and beyond my expectations for my first job out of law school. I was able to serve a diverse group of clients in a wide variety of immigration matters and receive top-notch supervision from passionate and brilliant attorneys. I am excited that Ayuda, a new attorney, and additional clients will all be able to benefit from this next EJA Fellowship.”
–Kelly Hii, Staff Attorney and former EJA Fellow at Ayuda