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Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonials

Brianna Rennix
Staff Attorney

"Thank you, Equal Justice America for enabling us to provide additional and much-needed legal support to mothers and children seeking asylum."

Dennericka Brooks
Director, Housing Practice Group

"We are excited that Equal Justice America has afforded us an opportunity to expand our housing work with our new EJA Fellow Kristin Hendriksen."

Frank Martin
Interim Executive Director

"We are deeply proud to honor [Brian's] legacy and his indescribable spirit with this momentous Fellowship... We will continue to dismantle unjust systems and provide young people crucial legal and social support."

Hugh “Trey” Daly
Director, Public Benefits Practice Group

"We are thrilled to have Kristin Hendriksen, our new EJA Fellow, coming on board to help us meet the legal needs of our veterans!"

Janice Johnson Hunter
Staff Attorney

"We are thrilled to have an EJA Fellow join NLSP’s Economic Security team to focus on the disability needs of DC residents who are Veterans and to support our commitment to expand our outreach."

Jay Kim
Co-Deputy Director

"EBCLC is honored to be entrusted by EJA and the Lewinstein family to continue the work Brian was so deeply passionate about: justice for young people targeted by the criminal justice system."

John F. Kowal
Vice President, Programs

"The Brennan Center for Justice is proud to welcome Sara Carter - its first Equal Justice America Fellow at this critical moment for our democracy. We are delighted to be launching this new partnership."

Joshua Doherty
Managing Attorney

"EJA is helping ensure that we close the access-to-justice gap, provide much-needed legal representation, and foster a passion for public service that will carry through the fellow’s career."

Julia R. Rodriguez
Director of Client Services

"The work being done by TRLA staff at Dilley is some of the most important – and most successful – work being done on behalf of immigrants at detention centers... We are excited to welcome Melissa Peña to the team to expand this vital work."

Karen A. Newton Cole
Executive Director

"We look forward to working with Equal Justice America on a two-year fellowship to expand services for veterans while providing an opportunity for a recent law graduate to follow their passion and join us in the fight for equal justice."

Katharine Clark
Immigration Managing Attorney (MD)

"We know that Julia will immediately expand our capacity to serve low-income immigrants in the DC area, and we cannot wait to work alongside her to continue serving our clients who need representation now as much as (if not more than) ever."

Lauren Dana
Staff Attorney and former EJA Immigration Fellow

"I am so grateful to Equal Justice America for providing me with the opportunity to launch my career as an immigration attorney at Legal Aid Chicago. We look forward to welcoming a new EJA Fellow..."

Laurie Ball Cooper
Legal Director

"With EJA’s support, we are able to provide critical representation to so many low-income immigrants whom we could not otherwise serve... Now, more than ever, Ayuda is grateful for EJA’s support."

Paula Fitzgerald
Executive Director

"Ayuda is extremely grateful to Equal Justice America for sponsoring Julia Rigal to serve as a Fellow at Ayuda. Julia’s fellowship and the experience she already brings to the role will expand our capacity to serve low-income immigrants in the DC area."

Robert Doggett
Executive Director

"Now, more than ever before, we need additional capacity in Dilley to ensure every immigrant family receives the legal assistance they deserve. We are grateful to Equal Justice America for providing the opportunity to add a dedicated legal fellow."

Sakinda Skinner
Litigation and Advocacy Director

"We are grateful for EJA’s partnership and are excited to have a new fellow join us in this important commitment. This two-year fellowship will help to expand our work with homeless and low-income veterans facing legal issues."

Sean Morales-Doyle
Acting Director, Voting Rights & Elections

"We are grateful to EJA for this opportunity to expand our dynamic team of legal and policy experts fighting for free and fair elections."

Seema Patel
Clinical Director

"For years, Equal Justice America (EJA) has been at the forefront of supporting emerging lawyers in their public interest careers. For us at the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)."

Shalyn Fluharty
Managing Attorney

"Thanks to the support of Equal Justice America, these families will have access to a legal fellow who will stand by their side to fight for their safety, freedom, and family unity."

Vicki King Taitano
Managing Attorney, Economic Security Unit

"We are honored to partner with EJA to protect the interests of those who volunteered to serve our country, and look forward to working with and mentoring the EJA fellow."

Wendy R. Weiser
Vice President, Democracy

"The Brennan Center’s Democracy Program works to ensure that all Americans have an equal voice in our elections... We are thrilled to have EJA’s support to help us advance this mission over the coming years."

Zoë Polk
Executive Director

"We are so grateful to Equal Justice America for their investment in the Brian Lewinstein Youth Justice Fellowship. This program enables critical work to be advanced and leads to impacts being felt at the community level."