Boston University School of Law

The following Boston University School of Law students have received fellowships from Equal Justice America. These fellowships are made possible by contributions from Boston University alumni. With continued support from the alumni, we look forward to putting many more Boston University law students and graduates to work providing vitally needed legal assistance to the poor.

(Equal Justice America is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation unaffiliated with any law school.)
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"This summer at the Center for Public Representation, I learned firsthand about strategic advocacy for people with disabilities. I listened to attorneys discuss when to push, when to defer, when to gather more information, and when to raise alarms. I’ll be able to incorporate these strategies into my own future work as a civil rights advocate. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from these incredible attorneys."
Lauren Vandemortel
Boston University School of Law
EJA Summer Fellow, 2020
  • Summer 2023
    • Kate Blankinship and Abigail Vogt worked at MetroWest Legal Services in Framingham, MA.
    • Jacob Cantor worked at the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights.
    • Eric Connolly, Thalia Guzman, Samantha Ligori, Sophia Santoyo and Cassidy Young ;worked at Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS).
    • Madison Erlandson worked at the Center for Law and Education in Boston.
    • William Kleisner worked at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau in Cambridge.
    • Olivia Pickard worked at The Legal Aid Society in New York.
  • Fall 2022
    • Peter Dickson and Emmalee Isreal are working at Greater Boston Legal Services.
  • Fall 2020
    • Rebecca Fliegel worked in the Family Law Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services.
The attorneys at [The Disability Law Center] felt connected to the cases they took on and spoke of clients’ issues passionately, which contrasted with the academic detachment with which cases are sometimes discussed in law school. My internship at DLC reminded me why I decided to go to law school, and has inspired me to focus on disability law in the future whenever possible. I am grateful that Equal Justice America chose me as a fellow and its generosity allowed me to become an intern at DLC this summer. I am excited to pursue a legal career in public interest and hope to represent clients similar to those I encountered this summer.
Nina H. Datlof
Boston University School of Law
EJA Summer Fellow, 2016
  • Summer 2013
  • Fall 2012
    • Jared Shwartz worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 2012
    • Alexandra Conlon worked at Prisoners’ Legal Services in Boston.
    • Namgiao Do, Katelyn Kramer, Jonathan Lautin, Elizabeth McIntyre and Rachel Smit worked at GBLS.
    • Elizabeth Hasse worked at Kids In Need of Defense in Boston.
    • Jessica Pedraza worked at Americans for Immigrant Justice in Miami, FL.
    • Samantha Rauer worked at Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington, DC.
    • Kristen Wekony worked at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.
  • Fall 2011
    • Jacqueline Croteau worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 2011
    • Jacqueline Croteau, Ventura Dennis, Rosanna Gan and Rachel Smit worked at GBLS.
    • Celeste Davis worked at the University of Michigan Law School’s Pediatric Advocacy Initiative.
    • Shuyuan Hu worked at the Women’s Bar Foundation in Boston.
    • Sarah Wolf-Boyd worked at New Hampshire Legal Assistance.
  • Spring 2011
    • Veronica Hu worked at GBLS.
  • Fall 2010
    • Jacqueline Croteau worked at GBLS.
We’re noticing trends of undocumented immigrants staying in abusive situations (whether it be a domestic violence situation or the case of employers stealing their wages) out of fear that asking for help will put them on the government’s radar and lead to deportation.  By helping to fund the next class of EJA fellows, you are supporting law students who can help provide emotional and legal support to those in need of civil legal aid.
Amanda Schwartz
Boston University School of Law
EJA Summer Fellow, 2019
  • Summer 2009
    • William Goldberg, David Roiter, Tuozhi Zhen and Paul Zoltowski worked at GBLS.
    • Jeffrey Schneidman worked at Neighborhood Legal Services in Lawrence, MA.
  • Spring 2009
    • Erik Stone worked at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.
  • Fall 2008
    • Erik Stone worked at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.
  • Summer 2008
    • Pepper Hayes worked at Casa Myrna Vazquez in Boston.
    • Matthew Ilacqua, Liam Ryan and Noreen Stackhouse worked at GBLS.
    • Jacob Stone worked at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau.
  • Summer 2007
    • Mohammad Alturk worked at Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.
    • Stephany Collamore, Michael Harris, Rebecca Peacock and Julie Scourfield worked at GBLS.
    • Rachel Fightmaster worked at Children’s Legal Services in Brookline, MA.
  • Fall 2006
    • Hannah Dean worked at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.
  • Summer 2006
    • Hristiyaniya Atanasova, Stacey Russell and Su-Lynn Walton worked at GBLS.
    • Beth Gobeille worked at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.
    • Dominic Gouker worked at the Disability Law Center in Boston.
  • Spring 2006
    • Owen Li worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 2005
    • Carmen Lewis worked at GBLS.
    • Meira Russ worked at Legal Aid Society of NYC.
  • Spring 2005
    • Julie Waters worked at Children’s Legal Services in Boston.
  • Summer 2004
    • Alexandra Diaz-Almaral, Kirsten Feroe, Nolan Kim, Kirath Raj, and Manuel Velez worked at GBLS.

By providing funding for this summer internship [at Greater Boston Legal Services], Equal Justice America has helped make such an experience possible for not only me, but many other equally dedicated and inspired future attorneys. It allows some of the brightest law students opportunities to remain financially afloat while passionately assisting others who are in great need of legal assistance. In this day and age, assisting clients of low-income or minority backgrounds has never been more critical, and I am grateful organizations like Equal Justice America are able to play a vital part.

Victor Gibson
Boston University School of Law
EJA Summer Fellow, 2017
  • Summer 2003
    • Ferheena Anwar, Dana Bucin, Daniel Doyle, Adriana Johnson, Julie Lorenzon, Nasreen Syed, and Hanna Yang worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 2002
    • Christopher Boundy and Luis Villegas worked at Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.
    • Julie Dubitski, Andrew Lu, Ashley Mason, and Tobey Wiggins worked at GBLS.
    • Sa’adiyah Masoud worked at Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights in Boston.
  • Summer 2001
    • Christopher Banys, Wayne George, Elizabeth McGinty, Emily Robertson, and Robert Schill worked at GBLS.
    • Edward Shen worked at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia.
  • Summer 2000
    • Beth Kazynski, Tal Sapeika, and Sarah Smeyal worked at GBLS.
    • Maria Go worked at Legal Services Center.
    • Catherine Olender worked at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii.
  • Summer 1999
    • Rachel Blatter, David Caballaro, Susan Lee, Jennifer Lossia, and Thomas Nguyen worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 1998
    • Michael Bernardo, Nell Ma’Luf, Jeffrey Siegel, and Pamela Woodside worked at GBLS.
  • Summer 1997
    • Susan Beller, Martha Harrison, and Michelle Kamarara worked at GBLS.